Friday, March 06, 2009

Making Sense of "The Big C"

C Above Middle C is my long anticipated book project, recounting the cancer saga that ended my career as a classical singer—and pretty much everything else I had going on. In this memoir, I am looking for connections that make some sense of the changes that swept my life when "The Big C" was found in the bones of my face. I'm happy to report that my life has been full of "high notes" of every kind, in the years since then. And I look forward to sharing those with new "audiences", through my new "voice".

On this site, I will be posting relevant news items along with some personal notes on developments in medical technology, arts or culture related to the themes in C Above Middle C. I invite readers to comment on ideas I may post, and to share freely the lessons they may have learned from their own experience of "The Big C", including any information or resources that have been particularly helpful to them, and may be useful to others facing similar challenges.

And stay tuned for news on the progress of C Above Middle C as it makes its way to a book shelf near you!