Wednesday, May 02, 2018

"C Above Middle C" is now "Of High Notes and the Big C"

Friends, join me for this long overdue reboot of my blog, with its new name (and a fresh design in the hopper).

In the interim since my last post, the world has turned faster than anyone imagined possible. The issues we have tackeled in this space have been exacerbated by world events, eased by miraculous technological advances, reinvigorated by an incredible global mobilization, as we all take to cyberspace to respond to one another.

We will begin anew, but continue to address the issues in my memoir, The Big C Above Middle C
about the intersectionality in our culture of disfigurement, dire illness, medical and craniofacial innovation, plastic surgery—and yes, what fun it can all be—with a generous dollop of the human comedy.

Please visit to help me inaugurate my new website. And send me your ideas for topics you'd like to discuss. Use the comment space here, or the contact information available at Meanwhile, read below some of the topics we've covered before.

And watch this space!