Friday, February 12, 2010

Rescuing Faces in Haiti

One American physician is responding to the overwhelming misery in earthquake-stricken Haiti by committing "at least" the next year to reconstructive surgeries for survivors there. 

Fifty-five-year-old plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Hobar repairs children's facial deformities and catastrophic injuries at Baylor University Medical Center and Dallas Children's Medical Center, in addition to his busy practice at  Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Now the Dallas Morning News reports that within a week of the catastrophy, Dr. Hobar had cleared his schedeule to lend a hand in Port-au-Prince for a week. And then he decided to stay on, where he was needed so urgently. 

"Craig [Holen] immediately said, 'I'll take care of this,' " reported Dr. Renato Saltz,  president of the American Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, speaking of the largest-ever emergency response by the ASAPS.

Through Dallas-based medical foundation Life Enhancement Association for People (LEAP), Dr. Hobar has been able to commit to a long-term presence in Haiti, with rotating shifts of volunteer medical teams from around the world. Dr. Hobar founded LEAP in 1991, with the express mandate to send annual medical missions throughout the world, charged with fixing facial and limb deformities in children of developing countries. When the 7.0-quake leveled Port-au-Prince on January 12, LEAP was ready to mobilize.... 

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