Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The Big C is Not a High Note

Subscribers! I'm relaunching my blog with a new name and fresh design. Since my last post, the world has spun crazily. Issues in this space have worsened with world events, and eased with miraculous technological advances, all energized by an incredible global mobilization, as we all take to cyberspace to find one another. 

I'll address the themes in Generous Margins, my memoir about bone cancer in my face. The trauma and drama of disfigurement, illness, medical and cranio-facial innovation, plastic surgery—the intersectionality of beauty in our culture—with, of course, a healthy dollop of the human comedy.

Send me your ideas for topics you'd like to discuss. Use the comment space here, or the contact info at Meanwhile, click here to review some of the topics we've considered in the past. Visit my site to sample more of my writing. And let's discuss!